LAC Digital Health Network

Towards collaboration, dialogue, and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean to advance the digital transformation in regional health

What is RACSEL?

The Latin American and Caribbean digital health network, hereinafter referred to as RACSEL, is an initiative of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) supported by the Inter-American Development Bank. It is established as a systematic horizontal technical cooperation mechanism through which exchanges are promoted, multiplied, strengthened, and energized, aimed at developing, disseminating, and implementing best practices in digital health to support institutional development processes and their progress in the region.




To promote collaborative work and cooperation in the field of digital health, so that the good practices and results achieved in one country can be leveraged by others, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness. This, in turn, leads to an improvement in the quality of healthcare services and overall social growth and well-being.




To be one of the main global networks of cooperation in electronic and digital health, and a reference in the dissemination, promotion, and adoption of standards, through dialogue, coordination, and the exchange of knowledge and experience


RACSEL held its Annual Assembly


The latin America and the Caribbean digital dealth network, RACSEL, has elected new authorities to preside over the network and approved the entry of five new Members.


The election of the new authorities took place at RACSEL's Annual Assembly in the framework of Relacsis 4.0 "Health Information Systems and Conectatón", held on November 13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


At the meeting, it was decided that the Presidency of RACSEL will be held by the Secretariat of Innovation of El Salvador, who accepted the challenge of continuing to work as a network in the region on the digital transformation of healthcare and interoperability between countries. The representative for El Salvador, Denis Pocasangre, said that "El Salvador is strongly committed to the digital transformation of healthcare" and added that "networking between countries can benefit in an even more positive way than it has".


RACSEL has incorporated Belize, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama, which added to the countries already members, has thirteen countries.


The countries agreed on the objectives and work plan for the year 2024, which will allow further progress to be made in the challenges that digital health imposes on the continent.